I Ate The DiGorno Garlic Bread Supreme Frozen Pizza So You Don’t Have To!

Since I’m hungry, lazy and already have DiGorno’s Garlic Bread Supreme pizza in the freezer it’s my first review. I would describe this (and most frozen pizza’s) as a bad first date. You kind of know it’s pointless, but go anyway and it ends up exactly how you thought it would. Better than nothing, but a complete waste of time.
I’m a sucker for a square pizza so I popped it into the oven with high hopes. Thirty minutes later I was cutting it into eight greasy disappointing slices. Just by looking at it I can tell it’s going be really doughy. The same can be said of me, so I gave it a chance. What, like I wasn’t going to eat it? Come on.
Meat dominates the nose of my first slice and there is way too much of this chewy garlic dough. The garlic flavor, which is what originally convinced me I had to buy this pizza, overpowers everything. I can’t lie the bottom layer of crust did get crispy as promised but it was too little too late. The limp pepperoni tasted like a weeks worth of sodium, and I don’t even remember what the other toppings were because they blended into the background.
There was one bright spot and that was the sauce. It was on the sweeter side with a tiny hint of basil. I’m not even embarrassed to tell you I really liked it and I wouldn’t have minded a little more. Maybe they could put some on the side and I’ll dip the massive amount of leftover garlic crust in it. Wait, I almost forgot about the cheese! I saw something white on top that I assumed was cheese but never actually tasted cheese. It was the flyover states of cheese.
If your choices are eat this pizza or don’t have pizza I recommend not having pizza. I’ve had frozen pizza before and I know I’ll have it again, it just won’t be this one. So, what’s you favorite frozen pizza?

DiGorno Garlic Bread Supreme Pizza

(I got mine at Ralph’s)

Varietal: Frozen
Price: $

I give it 1/5 slices!

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